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Please see below an opportunity to register for an event hosted by DIT New York regarding UN procurement for the cybersecurity sector.

Monday, 29 June 2020 at 14:00-15:00 BST

The UK's Department for International Trade (DIT) UN Procurement Webinar

DIT New York invites you to join us for an informational session with the UN Procurement Division (UNPD) to discuss procurement opportunities in the Cybersecurity sector. Mr. Isaam White, Team Leader, Communications & Technology Team, UN Procurement Division and Mr. Thomas Braun, Chief, Cybersecurity Section, UN Office of Information and Communications Technology, will discuss doing business with the United Nations as well as specific opportunities for UK companies in the Cybersecurity sector. A question and answer session will follow the presentation.

Register online at

All of our work is carried out in line with the UK Government’s commitment to equality, diversity, and inclusion. We ask that you treat all speakers, participants, and staff with courtesy and respect during our virtual events.


Dear Cyber Security Colleague


This email contains information about the new UK border rules and their impact on cyber security staff. It also contains additional information on the government’s current work on cyber security.  

New UK Border Rules

The Government announced on Friday 22 May that it will introduce a series of measures and restrictions at the UK border to help protect the public and stop the spread of the coronavirus. These measures include a 14 day period of ‘self-isolation’ for travellers entering the UK and are due to be brought in on 8 June. Full details are available on the website.


There is an exemption from the 14 day self-isolation requirement for specialist cyber security staff. The following definition has been included in a list of travellers exempt from the new border rules


an information technology or telecommunications professional whose expertise is required to provide an essential or emergency response to threats and incidents relating to the security of any network and information system and ensure the continued operation of any network and information system


For more information, please visit the Entering the UK section of the website. Details of what evidence will need to be presented on arrival will be published shortly.


Cyber Aware campaign 

The Cyber Aware campaign has been running since 21 April, encouraging the public take action to stay secure online during the current crisis. As part of the campaign, the National Cyber Security Centre launched the Suspicious Email Reporting Service which enables anyone to flag phishing emails to the government. If you receive an email you’re not sure about, you can report it to the service by simply forwarding it to Hundreds of thousands of emails have already been reported, with over over 300 fake and malicious websites removed as a result. 


If you’re interested in supporting the Cyber Aware campaign, you can download a partner pack containing the campaign assets here. This includes:


The Cyber Exchange 

The newly updated Cyber Exchange portal is a free resource to help UK cyber security businesses grow. The website, which is jointly funded by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS) and techUK, includes:


  • a database of cyber security businesses and investors, 

  • details of trade missions, grants, competitions and funding opportunities, and

  • an events calendar showing the latest conferences, trade shows and meet ups for cyber security businesses. 


You can add your businesses to the company database and keep up to date on the latest opportunities by signing up for the fortnightly Cyber Exchange newsletter.  Full details are available on the Cyber Exchange


Your feedback

If you have any specific feedback on cyber security, or any questions about this note, please contact us at You can also keep up to date with the latest cyber security information from the government and sign up for alerts by visiting


Best wishes


Cyber Security Team 

Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport 

Launch of the Cyber Aware campaign

On Tuesday 20 April the Government launched Cyber Aware, a new campaign featuring advice on how to stay secure online during coronavirus. With many of us spending more time online, the campaign will help individuals, families and home workers understand the actions they can take to stay secure. 


As part of the campaign, the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has also launched a Suspicious Email Reporting Service. If you receive any emails you suspect to be malicious/phishing emails, you can simply forward them to The NCSC will then analyse them with a view to blocking malicious email addresses and/or taking down malicious websites. Over 5,000 emails have already been reported and over 80 malicious websites have been taken down as a result. 


Please feel free to share this information on Cyber Aware with your colleagues and clients. The campaign will develop further over the coming months. If you would like to be involved in the campaign, please let us know and we can supply you with a partner pack to help promote the campaign and keep the public and businesses secure online.

Please see the following article that we've received from the US Department of Defense who are interested in receiving applications from UK based companies who provide highly innovative technologies and skills.

DTEP Global Needs Statement
The Department of Defense’s (DoD) Rapid Reaction Technology Office (RRTO) will conduct a Solutions Meeting on behalf of the Deputy Director for Developmental Test, Evaluation and Prototyping (DTEP) in Summer 2020 in McLean, VA. The meeting provides selected innovative companies with an opportunity to make short technical presentations to Government representatives about their technologies. There is a potential for companies to be selected for pilot prototyping, demonstration, or experimentation for the most compelling solutions.

The Deputy Director for Developmental Test, Evaluation and Prototyping is looking for highly innovative technologies that have the potential to provide leap-ahead capabilities against near-peer adversaries and fill gaps in critical joint mission needs no later than 2028. DTEP is focused on technologies within the DoD modernization areas as well as the specified joint interest areas below.

Solutions are expected to derive from companies’ internal research and development (IR&D) or other research efforts and suitable for maturation through DoD prototyping funding, but not mature enough to be Commercial Off-the-Shelf products. Technologies for consideration in this needs statement are expected to be at the Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 3 (demonstrated proof of concept) or TRL 4 (laboratory validation) stage. Prototype development for selected technologies will result in a capability at the TRL 6+ (relevant environment demonstration) level and will be dependent upon a negotiated transition agreement with an interested Service or DoD Agency, which will be sponsored by the DTEP office. Note that the areas below are purposefully broad to allow companies to submit their most compelling and innovative technologies.

DoD Modernization Areas:
Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning
Directed Energy
Fully Networked Command, Communication, and Control (FNC3)

Additional joint interest areas include:
Autonomous Close Air Support Capabilities
Emerging Disruptive Technologies and Capabilities
Enhanced Soldier Close Combat Lethality
Integrated Command and Control Solutions
Intelligent Electronic Warfare
Operationalizing the Stratosphere
Rapid Decision Making Tools and Systems
Reducing the Sensor-to-Shooter Timeline
Sensors for Time Sensitive Targeting
Sustained Logistics in a Contested Environment


Companies interested in participating in the Solutions Meeting can submit an unclassified application to RRTO Innovation via e-mail to

The following information is required in the application. (Note: Only one application is permitted per company, or per major division of a large company.): ** All applications must be in the body of the email. No attachments are allowed.

1. Email subject line “DTEP Solutions Meeting Application”
2. Company name
3. Website address
4. POC, email, phone number and an alternate POC if desired
5. A succinct single paragraph description (100 words or less in length and no bullets) of the technology that the company plans to discuss if they are selected to present at the Solutions Meeting. This description must focus on the technology and the envisioned use of that technology, and not a description of the company. The current TRL of the technology and the basis for assertion must be included.
6. Identify one modernization or interest area in the emboldened lists above that the technology most appropriately fits. Do not list multiple modernization or interest areas.
7. Although the 100-word submission must be unclassified, DTEP is also interested in classified technologies. Classified briefings and discussions may be held after the initial 100-word submission is selected for the Solutions Meeting.

All applications must be received on or before 5:00 PM EDT, 30 April, 2020. Submission of an application does not guarantee an invitation to the Solutions Meeting. An invitation to the Solutions Meeting does not guarantee funding. Selected companies are responsible for their travel and all other expenses associated with participation in the DTEP Solutions Meeting.

The Cyber Cluster has received the following information from DCMS:

Dear Cyber Security Colleague


The coronavirus outbreak is the biggest public health emergency in decades. It calls for decisive action, at home and abroad, of the kind not normally seen in peacetime. 


We’re writing to our colleagues in the cyber security sector to tell you what the Government is doing to help the sector and provide the opportunity to feed your comments back to us. Many of you have already been in touch and we thank you for your engagement. 


In this email we:

  • Provide information on the support the Government is offering to help businesses through this difficult period;

  • Outline what we are doing to continue our work on cyber security; 

  • Provide details of how you may be able to contribute to the effort to help the public, and

  • Give you the chance to provide your views to the Government.


A Message from the Minister for Digital Infrastructure, Matt Warman

"Thank you to everyone for continuing to help make the UK a safe place to be online. Your work is more important now than ever. My Department is committed to supporting the cyber security sector during this crisis and is keen to hear from you on where and how that help can be most effective. I encourage cyber security firms to keep giving the country the tools needed to securely work online so we can all stay home, protect the NHS and save lives."


Government response to coronavirus

On the public health issue, the Government is doing everything it can to tackle the pandemic and mitigate its impact. We are mobilising every bit of Government to defend our people and our country. Businesses, universities and communities across the country are coming together to help.


The Government is providing a range of support to help businesses, including loans, cash grants, tax relief and support for self-employed people. Please visit for further information.


The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) is supporting the wider Government efforts and we particularly want to understand the needs and asks of our sectors - including where and how we can work together to help society and the economy during the crisis.


Our work on cyber security

DCMS is prioritising support for the cyber security sector to help address economic challenges and critical incidents. We are continuing the delivery of critical Government programmes supporting the cyber security sector, such as the LORCA cyber accelerator, the NCSC Accelerator and our Cyber Discovery skills programme. We are also working with the National Cyber Security Centre and others to distribute guidance and advice to the public and businesses on how to stay secure online. 


Cyber security guidance for the public 

As you know, cyber criminals are opportunistic and often look to exploit fears over current events. The public and organisations should continue to be alert to this threat. The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has issued guidance for organisations on how to prepare for secure home working and guidance on how to spot and deal with suspicious emails. Please feel free to share this with your customers and contacts. 


With more interaction and work happening online, the Government is continuing its push to help the public and businesses live and work securely. DCMS is working with the National Cyber Security Centre and the Home Office to run a new phase of the Cyber Aware campaign. This will help the public and small businesses adopt secure online behaviours and protect themselves from current threats. This activity will start very soon. Please get in touch if your organisation is interested in partnering with us on this campaign. 


Information and support for cyber security businesses

The Government and its partners have made several recent announcements for the cyber security sector. Many of our growth programmes are currently open to applications.


In addition, DCMS has published a range of statistics and research over the past two months to help inform the cyber security sector, including:

  • The Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2020, published on 25 March. The survey details the scale and impact of cyber attacks and data breaches on businesses, charities and educational institutions. We have also published a series of infographic summaries illustrating the results. 

  • Cyber Security Labour Market Research. This research provides details about the UK cyber security labour market. 

  • Cyber Security Sectoral Analysis This is an analysis of the UK's cyber security industry, which includes figures on size, employment and revenue. 


Your feedback

Finally, please be aware DCMS will shortly be issuing a survey asking organisations across DCMS sectors for feedback on how coronavirus is affecting them. Please look out for this and respond if you can. Your feedback will be valuable in helping to shape future Government action. 


If you have any specific feedback on cyber security, any questions about this note or any suggestions of how you may be able to help, please contact us at You can also keep up to date on announcements through the newly updated Cyber Exchange portal. Please feel free to share with note with your colleagues. We intend to send further communications in due course.  


Best wishes


Erika Lewis

Director, Cyber Security & Digital Identity 

Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport 


We hope that you are staying safe and well during the C-19 crisis. Our postponed Mar event is now live.

Join us on 09 July at DMC

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